FAQs for Trainees

Frequently Asked Questions

The purpose of this programme is to train the youth in Ghana in advanced digital and IT skills. The successful candidates, if they choose, will have an opportunity for an employment pathway through our service centres in Ghana to work for international clients on IT related projects. We also support other employment pathways like entrepreneurship or finding the right career path of their choice.

It is a training programme primarily leading to various employment pathways. Upon successful completion of the training, the candidates will have various options.

This programme will train the youth in Ghana and sub-Saharan Africa, in the necessary skills for IT and digital employment. Candidates who successfully complete our rigorous training will then have an option to join one of our service centers. Employed graduates at our service centers will have a rewarding career in IT, working amongst a team of highly qualified professionals in a global and multicultural setting with great opportunities for growth, training, and development. A further option arises as the skilled youth has the opportunity to establish their own business and become self-employed.

No, this is a rigorous programme that requires your full-time commitment

It is a full-time training programme, so it would require 40 hours a week commitment in addition to homework.

Yes, the training not only includes the technical skills but general skills as well which are required to function efficiently in geographically distributed, multicultural and international teams (e. g. leading a team, project management skills). If you already have an advanced degree, it does not replace the training but is advantageous in your career advancement.

Currently, the specialisations offered in our Training Academy are:

  • Software Development & Engineering
  • Media & Design
  • Development & Operations, and
  • Machine Learning & Data Analytics

The first two months of our training is foundational, and all trainees must successfully complete it in order to continue the training. The foundational modules comprise of intensive exercises in computer programming languages used for software development and/or data analytics.

The courses will be delivered in AmaliTech Training Academy in the presence of teachers and trainers. The curriculum will be administered using a blended learning approach in a mix of online and on-site learning. 

To apply for AmaliTech’s graduate trainee programme, kindly visit https://www.amalitech.org/be-a-trainee/  and follow the instructions to apply.

Every specialisation has its specific eligibility criteria. Go to  https://www.amalitech.org/be-a-trainee/ for more details.

The selection process includes CV screening and review, assessment test, online and on-site interviews.

You are required to submit a CV, a cover letter clearly explaining your motivation to apply for this programme, a photograph, scanned copies of degrees and transcripts, and other relevant certificates. Before the final offer is made, all the documents will be verified for authenticity. 

No, there is no age limit for this programme.

No, it is not mandatory to have an IT background, but applicants with education in Computer Science, ICT, Engineering and Mathematics will have an advantage. Candidates who do not have a tertiary qualification in an IT related course but have a minimum of an HND will be considered if they have knowledge and experience in programming. We also prefer candidates with good working knowledge in modern programming languages like Java, Python, R, C or C++

There are no charges or tuition fees that the applicant has to pay to AmaliTech at any step of the process. AmaliTech will bear all the associated costs regarding the administration of training and curriculum. However, the candidate will be responsible for their own personal expenses. 

Graduate trainees are given various forms of support to cushion them during their training. This includes loan facilities for the payment of rent, scholarship schemes (need based and performance based, which applies when candidates join the training academy) and provision of lunch daily for trainees.

Yes, you will be notified if the seat has been filled.

For all inquiries or help, kindly send us an e-mail on hr@amalitech.com or Call/Whatsapp on + 233 501 697 288.

Yes, please submit your cover letter, clearly highlighting what is your motivation behind applying for this programme and what do you hope to achieve. Also, it should include what experience or qualifications that you bring to the programme, which makes you the best candidate for selection. The cover letter should be no longer than one page.

There is no requirement of previous professional experience for making an application to our graduate trainee programme. 

No, the reference letters are not required at the time of application. However, names and contact addresses of three professional or academic references are required during the application stage. These references will be contacted before the final selection.

The assessment test comprises of Six (6) sections namely:

Section 1:             Quality Assurance Analysis

Section 2:             Media and Design

Section 3:             Development and Operations

Section 4:             Modelling and Processing

Section 5:             Quantitative Analysis

Section 6:             Programming

The assessment will last for a period of 2 hours.

Yes, Amalitech is an equal opportunity employer, and special consideration is given to the women, people living with disabilities (PWDs), and individuals belonging to the marginalized communities.

Do you have questions or clarifications?

Please feel free to contact Grace Adorsu, our Head of Recruitment in our Training Academy Ghana.